Abel Folk
Abel folk
Basic Info
Full Name: Abel Folk
Date of Birth: August 28, 1959
Birth Place: Montesquiu, Barcelona
Age 52

Abel Folk is a Spanish actor who plays Luc in The Cheetah Girls 2.


Folk has a long career as an actor and has combined theater and dubbing film and television. Its beginnings on television were in the children's program that TVE Terra d'Escudella issued in Catalan of the late seventies.

In 1992 he was awarded the prize for best film actor who gives the AADPC (Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia) for her performance in the film Havanera 1820, prize won again the following year with Monturiol, the sea senyor for his work on Macià Colonel (2006) was nominated for the Barcelona Film Premi and other Armchair Premi of the best actor L'any 1997 and he had received this award for the performance in the play Pel davant i ... Darrera role, in the category of best actor teatro.

It is also popular for being the voice of speech synthesis program Loquendo Jorge name to the Castilian language and Jordi for voice catalán.


  • The Cheetah Girls 2