The Administration Noticeboard is a page of 2 subjects. The first subject is about decisions regarding features to this wiki, that must be discussed with all Administrators. The second subject is for users to post complaints about the wiki, or notify an admin if vandalism, sock-puppetry, harassment, etc. is happening.

Check Here for the list of Admins.

Admins, the Administration decision between the Admins, will only be discussed on the talk part of this page. Please check up on the talk section of this page for Admin decisions, frequently. The following below will be messages from users:

Users, please leave a message below if you have a complaint, or know about any issues going on. Please leave your signature, and leave the name of a vandal if so. Also, please leave a heading to your message of what the main problem is. Example below.

Admins, if a user leaves a message, it does not matter what admin takes care of the situation, it matters of who will be there the fastest. This is not a competitive race to see who is the best admin, it means that a situation must be handled ASAP. When a user leaves a message, and you have finished it, please edit below their message with : in source mode, and put {{Done}} and when you leave a message, type below the Done message (:{{Done}}) with ::Message here etc. If the situation is not done, please put "Not Done" and talk to them on their Talk page.

If it just is a message concerning a matter, than it will be disscussed between the Admin and the user. Just remember to keep on using these, ":" respectively.

Example Message

Example Title (Vandal)Edit

Help! A user named, "example" is vandalizing a page called, example!" (User's sig)

Blah Done
It is solved. (Admin's sig)