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Anginette "Angie" Walker is of African-American descent, is the only member of the group not to narrate a book in the series, and the only main character cut out of the movie adaptation. She lets her twin sister, Aquanette Walker, do most of the talking, and is very sneaky. There is no Anginette in the Cheetah Girls films because Deborah Gregory couldn't find twin girls to play both her and Aqua and just decided to drop Angie from the movies.


She lives with her sister and father on the Upper West Side.


  • See: Angiette Walker/The Cheetah Girls (Book Series)

Physical Appearance[]

Angie is a black female. She has dark brown hair. She has a slight build. She looks exactly her her twin, Aqua.


  • Her nicknames include 'Angie' and 'Nettie Two.'
  • She loves horror movies.
  • Angie, like her twin sister, wants to be a doctor one day.
  • She also loves gospel music.



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