Chanel Simmons
Thumb-Chanel Simmons
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Adrienne Bailon
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls (Movie)
Family: Juanita Simmons - (mother)
Pucci Simmons - (younger brother)
Luc - (step-father)
Vikram - (boyfriend)
Friends Aqua Walker, Dorinda Thomas, Galleria Garbaldi, Amar
Nobody can sing like me! I can hit any note you give to, from A to Z... Yes I can!

—Chanel singing about her talents.


Chanel lives with her mother Juanita and her brother Pucci in SoHo. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

She once charged hundreds of dollars on her mother's credit card.

In the book series, it is revealed that she took ballet lessons with Galleria until the 6th grade, but Chanel continues to practice ballet.

Chanel also became very body conscious & near the end of the book series, she develops somewhat of an eating disorder.


Physical AppearanceEdit

In the book, Chanel is described as being of Puerto Rican, Cuban & Dominican descent and is noted for her mini-micro braids.

She also has a Flair for Designer Clothing.

Purple Cheetah (Wears purple when the girl's are in their Cheetah Outfits)


  • She shares the last name of designer Coco Chanel and the perfume Chanel
  • Interests include singing & hair
  • Adrienne Bailon returns to reprise her role as Chanel in the sequel tv series to the films called The Cheetah Girls


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Thumb-Chanel Simmons
Chanel Simmons


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