Deborah Gergory
Basic Info
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Occupation: Writer/Author
Genre: Fiction
Notable Work(s) The Cheetah Girls (Book Series)
Catwalk Series

Deborah Gergory is the author of the Cheetah Girls Book series and a writer of the Cheetah Girls Movies.


Deborah Gregory is the author of the Catwalk trilogy, the second of which Catwalk: Strike A Pose is currently purring. The entire Catwalk trilogy(Laurel-Leaf imprint, division of Random House) will be published on September 13th 2011) in a special OMNI edition ($9.99). The Catwalk trilogy contains three novels--Catwalk, Catwak: Strike A Pose and Catwalk: Rip the Runway. Gregory is also the author creator producer of the wildly popular franchise, The Cheetah Girls, which consists of 26 books, three Disney Channel original movies, three nationwide 88-city concert tours, extensive spotty merchandise and ferocious fans around the globe. The inspiration for the CATWALK book series comes from Gregory's background as a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology and a former runway model in Europe as well as a plus-size designer and boutique owner (Toto in New York...Fun In Larger Sizes which was located on West Broadway in Soho). Actually, the larger than life leopard clad character of Galleria's Mom, Dorothea Garibaldi (DG) in The Cheetah Girls is Gregory herself as is her pooch Cappuccino who plays the Cheetah Girls mascot, Toto (Toto who slept in the store window in his cheetah bed was the original inspiration and may he RIP). Gregory was raised in the foster care system under ACS in New York City and aged out of the system at 18. Thus, the inspiration for the adult novel she is currently writing about a girl who ages out of the foster care system in the Bronx and is trapped in New York's underworld until she finds a way to reinvent herself and find redemption. Gregory lived in Paris, Firenze and Milan as a runway model. She currently lives in Manhattan with her pooch Cappuccino, her second adorable, feisty bichon frise pooch. Visit the author at: