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Derek was Galleria Garibaldi's love interest. He often flirts with her, but eventually becomes interested in her. He is also friends with Mackerel, and they are in a band called "Sonic Chaos."

Physical Appearance

Derek is a white male. He has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes and a medium build. He has a soft spot in his heart for Galleria and The Cheetah Girls.


The Cheetah Girls

Derek had sat beside her in the school auditorium, while she told him about the break up of the Cheetah Girls because of Jackel Johnson's deal. He told her that sometimes she had to walk alone. After the girls got done singing their song at the end of the movie, Derek went up on the platform that the girls were standing on and kissed Galleria once. It was very passionate. The Cheetah Girls ended up winning the talent show that they had tried out for. Because of Jackel wanting to record their music on the day of the talent show, they didn't get to perform until after Toto was rescued. The song "Cheetah Sisters" was the song that brought them back together as friends. They end up winning the talent show, winning the ultimate trophy prize.