Signor Francobollo Garibaldi
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Juan Chioran
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls
Family: Dorothea Garibaldi - (wife)
Galleria Garibaldi - (daughter)
Toto - (dog)
Aqua Walker (niece)
Angie Walker (niece)
Friends The Cheetah Girls (movie group), Juanita Simmons

Francobollo Garibaldi is the father of Galleria Garibaldi and the husband of Dorothea Garibaldi. He constantly travels due to his job.


Francobollo was born in Italy and meet Dorothea in America. They later married and had their daughter, Galleria.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Francobollo is of Italian descent. He is tall, light-skinned with black hair.


The Cheetah GirlsEdit