Ivana the hairdresser
Basic Info
Portrayed By: Maria Syrgiannis
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls (Movie)
Friends Chanel Simmons, Juanita Simmons
Do not tell anyone where you get your hair done!

—Ivana yelling to the Simmons.

Ivana the hairdresser, is Juanita Simmons and Chanel Simmons's hairdresser.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ivana is possibly a German female. She has red shoulder-length hair and is pale. She is also skinny, her work outfit requires her to wear a purple vest.


The Cheetah Girls (Movie)Edit

Ivana is fixing both, Juanita and Chanel's hair. When Chanel sees her best friend's dog, Toto, on TV. Chanel rushes out with her hair still undone, and so does her mother. Ivana yells to them not to tell them that Ivana's store did their undone hairstyle.