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Lola Duran
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Basic Info
Portrayed By: Kim Manning
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls 2
Family: Marisol Duran - Daughter
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You are the Cheetah Girls? Am I right or Am I right?

—Lola, asking a question to the Cheetahs.

Lola Duran is the obsessive mother of Marisol Duran. Marisol's mother and manager, and the main antagonist of the film. She plans to break up the Cheetah Girls in order to ensure that her daughter wins the competition and becomes a star. In the end, she also befriends the Cheetah Girls.


Not much is known about Lola. She has managed Marisol in many of the Barcelona Music Festivals and lost many times.


The Cheetah Girls 2

The Cheetahs arrive to Spain and are taken to the Dancing Cat, a local Spanish night club where all the new artists perform their songs, by a new friend. ("Why Wait")("A La Nanita Nana").

There they meet Spanish pop artist Marisol , who will also compete in the Music Festival, and her manager/mother, Lola, who plans a scheme to break up the Cheetah Girls, as they pose a threat to her daughter's chances in the competition, and she starts making Marisol distract Chanel from The Cheetah Girls.

The Cheetah Girls' dreams are in serious trouble. While they were performing Step Up, Lola convinces the Dancing Cat's manager to pay the Cheetah Girls money. The competition will only allow amateur performs to compete. Accepting payment from the Dancing Cat makes the Cheetah Girls professional performers. Angel, who was present during the entire exchange, investigates. Right before Chanel is going to get changed to perform with Marisol, the Festival Director informs that the Cheetah Girls are able to perform after getting a tip. Everyone is surprised when they see that the informer was his nephew, Angel. He informed that Lola tried to sabotage the Cheetahs, and his uncle reinstates the girls as the Cheetah Girls. Lola tries to dispute, but the Director will not hear it. Marisol finally tells off her mother, saying she is quitting the competition because she loves to sing and her mother is just desperate to make her a star. The Cheetah Girls then perform "Amigas Cheetahs", and as a surprise, bring Marisol onto the stage, along with Joaquin's dancing crew, and some others.Their song is a hit with the crowd. Lola then sees the wrong in her ways.

Physical Appearance

Lola is a Spanish female. She has blond hair and is heavy-set.


  • She is surprised that Marisol went off on her, indicating Marisol was always under her mom's control.