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Basic Info
Portrayed By: Abel Folk
First Appearance: The Cheetah Girls 2
Family: Juanita Simmons - Wife
Chanel Simmons -Stepdaughter
Joaquin - Godson Pucci Simmons-stepson
Friends Dorothea Garibaldi

Luke is Chanel Simmons' new Stepfather and Juanita Simmons' new husband. He is very generous and values family.


Runs the cartel


The Cheetah Girls 2

While having a sleep-over/Chinese food night at Galleria's, Chanel tells the girls that her mother, Juanita, is planning a trip to Spain, where they will be visiting Luc, Juanita's boyfriend. Chanel is bummed and does not want to see Luc while the other girls are upset about being separated for the summer when Aquanette sees a shooting star and the girls make a wish together - to go to Spain with Chanel. At that very moment, one of the girl's magazines flips pages until it comes across an ad for a Barcelona music festival. Galleria enters the Cheetah Girls and the next day, her mother Dorethea, Juanita, and the Cheetah Girls all travel to Spain.

Luc later proposes to Juanita, after Chanel gives him permission, and she gladly accepts. Luc tells Chanel that she can stay in New York with her friends for her upcoming senior year.

The Cheetah Girls then perform "Amigas Cheetahs", and as a surprise, bring Marisol onto the stage, along with Joaquin's dancing crew, and others. Their song is a hit with the crowd. Another ending concludes after this, where Juanita and Luc are having their wedding, and with everybody enjoying themselves ("Cherish the Moment").

Physical Appearance

Luc is a Spanish male. He is growing old, due to his age. He has black hair. And a slight build. But we should all get together


  • Luc name might be a blooper, because instead of "Luke" it is spelled "Luc".